Top Resources for YFCS Distance Learners

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To some students, distance learning can feel intimidating, and often newly enrolled participants in online courses can feel alone or unsure where to turn for resources. For NC State online students, many ways exist for students to access information and support throughout their course of study. In this month’s blog post, we break down important information about online courses and direct students to where to look when they’re feeling lost.

YFCS Online Classes

Students and prospective applicants should know YFCS online courses can be synchronous, asynchronous or a combination of both. Synchronous online courses are taught live in real-time with a set schedule for students to “attend.” Asynchronous courses are typically videos or materials uploaded to the learning portal for students to digest within a given time period. Most courses through YFCS distance education use a blended approach, ranging from requiring students to be present for live presentations one to two or three to four times a month.

With synchronous activities, online students engage in real-time with one another. Professors use video conferencing tools, such as Zoom and Collaborate, to achieve the feeling of collaboration and discussion vital to learning. They use asynchronous materials to keep students engaged in the course between live sessions as well as using discussion boards and group projects to encourage student collaboration.

YFCS distance education courses average 15 to 20 students, with 20 being the maximum. The small size allows for students to get to know one another and also make themselves known to their professors. As with all NC State on-campus and distance learning courses, students have access to their professors, who distribute materials, such as a welcome email, the course syllabus, Moodle course delivery information and their contact information to encourage collaborations or one-on-one meetings.

If you have any further questions about YFCS online classes, access the YFCS Graduate Student Handbook for answers.

YFCS Online Orientation

A big component of getting started with your YFCS online program is orientation. Students participate in two mandatory orientations. Offered by the Graduate School, the first reviews information on course delivery, how to access and use the learning portal Moodle and how to access MyPack. Offered by the YFCS program, the second orientation explains everything students need to know to be successful in YFCS Graduate program, including course information, writing center information and more.

Students should also refer to the YFCS Graduate Student Handbook for more orientation information.

YFCS Student Resources

Distance education can feel daunting for new participants, but many resources are available to YFCS students to ensure they have access to the right information. Below are helpful links for you to use throughout your course of study, ensuring your success in the program.

Pre-Program Resources:

  1. NC State Online Home
  2. NC State Graduate School Home
  3. YFCS Graduate Program
  4. NC State Online Graduate Orientation

Scholarship and Financial Aid Resources:

  1. Funding Opportunities with NC State Graduate School
  2. General Funding Opportunities with YFCS
  3. YFCS Diversity Enhancement Scholarship: DEADLINE EXTENDED TO FEBRUARY 8, 2018

YFCS Current Student/Alumni Resources:

  1. YFCS Social and Alumni Committee 
  2. YFCS Grad Student Handbook

Post Study Resources:

  1. Post Grad Resources
  2. Alumni Resources

Social Media: Best way to stay in touch about all things YFCS

  1. YFCS Twitter Page
  2. YFCS Facebook Page
  3. YFCS Instagram Page 

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