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YFCS Careers Alumni Booklet

Having wrapped yet another successful graduation, it makes sense to turn our focus to YFCS careers. And you’re in luck. We recently published our new Youth, Family, and Community Sciences (YFCS) Alum in Family Science Careers Booklet. We feature our graduates who consistently earn positions that impact their communities for the better.

Booklet Features

This booklet features the various YFCS careers of students who graduated with either master’s degrees or graduate certificates and highlights how these students use their degrees to support youth and families in their communities.

Impressive Graduates

In the booklet, you will learn about Rebekah Torres, who applies her YFCS master’s degree every day in her position as Coordinator of Married Life for the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh. And you’ll meet Christian Gray, another master’s graduate, who positively impacts youth in his work as a professional basketball trainer. And then there’s Shahnee Haire, who utilizes knowledge gleaned from her YFCS graduate certificate program to inform her role as a Program Manager with the Division of Public Health and the leadership of her youth development organization, Workshop on Wheels (WOW). This is only a sampling of the various YFCS careers students can pursue. 

In addition to many examples of our impactful alumni and current students, the booklet also delivers general YFCS information, including:

  • Program descriptions;
  • Statement of Inclusion and Diversity;
  • Course offerings; and
  • YFCS faculty pictorial directory.

Employment Infographic

One especially useful feature of the booklet is an Employment Stats infographic, which offers statistics on job postings, top industries hiring, average salary and top employers hiring, both statewide and nationally.

Opportunities Await

We’ve assembled this booklet for you to review firsthand the diverse opportunities awaiting you in the YFCS program—not only to further your education, but also to enhance your career options as well as your personal and professional impact.

Don’t take our word for it, be sure to check out the Alum in Family Science Careers Booklet today! And get ready to launch your YFCS career. 

Check back to the YFCS Online Blog in the fall as we will take a short summer break.