Community Development

Helping the lives of youth and children… it’s what we do.

Are you passionate about strengthening communities and making an impact for the greater good? Have you enjoyed volunteering and want to turn your volunteerism into a career? Consider a career in community development.

What Does a Career in Community Development Look Like?

Put your problem-solving skills to work for the betterment of your community. Research, plan, and facilitate programs that improve the quality of life for disadvantaged populations.

Professionals working in community development often do the following:

  • Research, develop, and oversee community development programs
  • Manage events and coordinate volunteer efforts
  • Promote community issues to local government and businesses
  • Mobilize citizens, businesses, groups, and officials
  • Raise funds and manage financial  aspects of programs
  • Negotiate with opposing parties to find solutions to problems
  • Communicate with the public through the press, social media, town hall meetings

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What Are the Most Common Community Development Job Titles?

The following are job titles commonly held by youth development professionals:

  • Extension agent
  • Community service counselor
  • Economic specialist
  • Urban planner
  • City planner
  • Community development officer, manager, or director
  • Parks & recreation community development coordinator
  • Human services specialist

Interested in learning more about a specific job within the field of community development? Click on the links provided to learn more about working as an extension agent or a county program director.

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What Education is Required to Work in Community Development?

You are expected to possess excellent communication skills and have deep knowledge of human services, business operations, urban planning, and social services. Most employers require an associate’s, baccalaureate, advanced degree, or certificate. A graduate degree or certificate in Youth, Family, and Community Sciences equips you with the skills and credentials necessary to succeed in this field.

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Ready to Get Started?

You already know you want to work to make your community stronger. Get the credentials you need to get hired.

Jumpstart your career in community development with a master’s degree or certificate in Youth, Family, and Community Sciences from NC State. 
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