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Many Directions for Youth, Family, and Community Sciences Graduates

When pursuing a program through NC State Youth, Family, and Community Sciences (YFCS) Distance Education, many students wonder what prospects they have following graduation. There are actually numerous avenues a professional in YFCS may pursue, and in this month’s YFCS Online Blog, we look at four past graduates and the different sectors they have entered.[…] Read More

Family Systems: Understanding the Roles Within Families

In last month’s blog “Can Family Science Improve Community Development? Absolutely!”, we discussed community development and a systems approach to education in that field. This month, we ask what are family systems, and what do family roles have to do with it? In this month’s Youth Family and Community Sciences (YFCS) Online Blog, we look[…] Read More

Can Family Science Improve Community Development? Absolutely!

When students start their educational journey in the Youth Family and Community Sciences programs at NC State, they often seek a career that will help them improve the lives of families and communities. Before these students get started in their course study, they are most likely community-minded people who think about the relationships of individuals[…] Read More

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Students, Check out this alum feature posted on the @NCStateOnline site on @justfamilies
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