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A Highlight of This Year’s Upcoming Family Science Conferences

As the saying goes, it isn’t always what you know, but who you know. Conferences can be a great way to meet people in your field, gain professional development, and network. It’s important to build your network as a professional, especially if you are still a student or anticipate looking for career opportunities. Conferences can[…] Read More

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The Letter of Recommendation: Why you need it, how to get one and guidelines for getting a good letter

Written by our undergraduate student interns: Morgan Cook and Tasawar Shayan By: Morgan Cook and Tasawar Shayan “When she was applying for graduate programs, she was an active undergraduate researcher but had mediocre GRE scores and a 3.5 GPA, with a few Cs in her science classes. Now she’s an established professor.” This quote comes[…] Read More

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Interested in YFCS Careers? We Can Help

Having wrapped yet another successful graduation, it makes sense to turn our focus to YFCS careers. And you’re in luck. We recently published our new Youth, Family, and Community Sciences (YFCS) Alum in Family Science Careers Booklet. We feature our graduates who consistently earn positions that impact their communities for the better. Booklet Features This[…] Read More

Danielle Pennington: Researching Autism and Grief

NC State’s Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences (AHS) recently hosted the biannual Eloise S. Cofer Family Living Lecture Series, which features critical thinkers and doers connecting food, family and community. New York Times Best Seller, Autism Advocate and Animal Expert Dr. Temple Grandin spoke about her lifelong journey with autism on April 11 at[…] Read More

CALS Scholarship Recipient Sheila O’Neil Serves Seniors

In our February blog, “Need Help Paying For Graduate School? Where to Look,” we offered students multiple resources for financial support, within the YFCS program, within NC State and outside of NC State. Then, we focused on Mariama Ashcroft, a YFCS student who independently secured school funding, in March’s “Financial Support: One Student’s Search +[…] Read More

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