Nonprofit Administration

Helping the lives of youth and children… it’s what we do.

Want to pursue a career path dedicated to the greater good? Interested in starting or running a nonprofit organization? Consider a career in nonprofit administration.

What Does a Career in Nonprofit Administration Look Like?

Promote the mission of a nonprofit by mobilizing support and raising funds. Organize events, inspire volunteers, and communicate with potential donors and partners. If you enjoy public relations, working with volunteers, setting and achieving goals, and working for a cause, this might be the career path for you.

Professionals working in nonprofit administration often do the following:

  • Promote the nonprofit through public relations, social media, press, and relationships
  • Network with community, business, and government partners
  • Recruit, interview, train, and supervise volunteers and staff
  • Manage financial aspects of the business, including fundraising
  • Research, analyse, and influence policy
  • Mobilize volunteers and community partners
  • Organize and oversee events

Because there are so many different types of nonprofits serving a wide range of populations and causes, you will find a lot of variety in the types of roles and jobs available in this field. Some positions are rather specialized, whereas some positions will require you to wear many hats, doing something different from day to day.

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What Are the Most Common Nonprofit Administration Job Titles?

The following are job titles commonly held by nonprofit administration professionals:

  • Community organizer
  • Nonprofit director
  • Nonprofit manager
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Director of volunteer outreach
  • Fundraiser
  • Human development consultant
  • Policy analyst
  • Volunteer resource manager
  • Community outreach coordinator
  • Development director
  • Program manager
  • Advocacy director
  • Community relations director

Interested in learning more about a specific job within the field of community development? Learn more about working as a community organizer here.

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What Education is Required to Work in Nonprofit Administration?

You are expected to have deep knowledge of communications, business management, fundraising, public policy, youth and family sciences, and social services. Most employers require an associate’s, baccalaureate, advanced degree, or certificate. A graduate degree or certificate in Youth, Family, and Community Sciences equips you with the skills and credentials necessary to succeed in this field.

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