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Helping the lives of youth and children… it’s what we do.

Interested in a social-impact career, but aren’t sure where to start? Consider a career as a community organizer. Working as a community organizer empowers you to use your skills and talents in marketing, public relations, event planning, and business development to create positive change.

What Does a Community Organizer Do?

Work with community partners to mobilize volunteers, grassroots organizations, government officials, and businesses in support of community empowerment and program development. Duties typically include education, fundraising, public relations, and conducting research on or developing plans and gathering resources for community initiatives.

Community organizers interact with clients, families, donors, sponsors, community leaders, business partners, and the media. They typically wear many hats, so you’ll find the work varies from day to day. Never a dull moment, and you’ll go home each night satisfied that you are making the world a better place.

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Steps to Becoming a Community Organizer

Community organizing is a specialized field dedicated to fixing broken social systems and empowering marginalized or vulnerable populations. The following are steps you will want to take as you pursue a career as a community organizer:

  • Volunteer. Many community organizers get the foot in the door by volunteering. When you volunteer, you gain valuable experience while gaining ground-level understanding of the cause, goals, and the measures required to achieve success.
  • Network. Community organizers need to plug into the network of players influencing the ground game. Build relationships with the nonprofits, government officials, service providers, and citizens that are willing to invest in the community or cause.
  • Pursue the right education. A graduate degree or certificate in Youth, Family, and Community Sciences equips you with the skills necessary for volunteer organization, business planning, communications, and organization required for success in this field.

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Graduate Spotlight

Meet Martha “Iliana” Santillan-Carrillo, Community Organizer at El Pueblo

Alumna Promotes Change Through Work at El Pueblo

Read Illiana’s story and watch the video here.  

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Ready to Get Started?

Get started on your career as a community organizer with a master’s degree or certificate in Youth, Family, and Community Sciences from NC State.
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