Youth, Family, and Community Science Online Courses

Click the Downloadable YFCS Graduate Student Handbook below to view and download the Youth, Family, and Community Sciences Graduate Student Handbook.

Downloadable YFCS-Graduate-Student-Handbook-Updated-8-14-19

The following are Youth, Family, and Community Science online courses that are available to Graduate and Post-baccalaureate Studies students only (GR, PBS). Unless noted, all Youth, Family, and Community Science online courses are 3 credit hours. Courses with * are required for all master’s degree programs, along with the option for students to choose one of the three courses marked with **. Click the course title to display a description for a specific course.

To view our course offerings master list and courses by semester list click the below:

Pages from Downloadable YFCS-Graduate-Student-Handbook-Updated-5-7-2019

Pages from Downloadable-YFCS-Graduate-Student-Handbook-Updated-5-7-19-8.pdf

Information for Summer Session Courses

More information is available for our upcoming Summer Session course offerings.  Select the desired 5-week or 10-week course list and choose YFCS to learn more about exciting options for summertime learning. Summer Session enrollment for existing students begins March 22.

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