Board Certified Coach Training Options

Looking to further your professional credentials and become a board certified coach? Coaching is an emerging family science field that is quickly becoming a research-based method for helping families become more successful.Please check out our blogpost on how to become a board certified coach. NC State is a CCE approved training provider offering three unique distance education courses to help you fulfill the training requirement to become a Board Certified Coach (BCC).

Family Life Coaching Accelerated Course 

This 30 hour CEU is a fully distance education course that prepares practicing family and youth practitioners to meet the growing demands of families by examining family life coaching as a vital service that helps families and youth to reach goals and achieve happiness. This course focuses on teaching coaching skills to aid in improving familial relationships without the writing and tested required of the graduate courses, however, you will explore theoretical and empirical literature in coaching and examine the implications for practice with families. This is a non-graduate level course that provides professional development and is approved as a BCC course.

Additional Course Details

  • 10 hours of live class meetings weekly over 8 weeks using instructors choice of web conference technology.
  • Students are expected to complete 10 hours of peer coaching, 5 hours of solo family life coaching practice, and 5 hours of reading.
  • Course offerings dates and times vary, but typically is offered each spring and fall.

Graduate Courses in Family Life Coaching

There are two graduate level fully distance BCC approved courses that can be taken as part of a degree or as a non-degree student.

  • YFCS 545 Family Communication and Coaching: This master’s level 3-credit summer session (10 week) course examines family communication
    patterns and integrates the coach approach to improving interpersonal relationships.
  • YFCS 547 Family Life Coaching: This master’s level 3-credit fall semester course examines family life education content areas with emphasis on parent coaching. The focus of this course is improving familial relationships through coaching.

Students may register for YFCS 545 or YFCS 547 as a Non-Degree Studies student. For more information about registering through Non Degree Studies (NDS), visit the Registration and Records website.

Certificate in Family Life Education and Coaching

For students wanting more than one course, the Family Life Education and Coaching certificate includes four graduate level courses and prepares future and strengthens current professionals  to work with parents, youth, and families as a Certified Family Life Coach (CFLC). The certificate includes the BCC approved courses as well as a family life education and parenting course and one elective course. Required courses are designed to strengthen the student’s understanding and application of the critical aspects of family life coaching, including understanding of the fields of coaching psychology and family life education.

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Dr. Kimberly Allen, PhD, BCC, CFLE

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