Parenting Education

Helping the lives of youth and children… it’s what we do.

Have a heart for parents and children in challenging circumstances? Consider a career in parent education.

What Does a Career in Parent Education Look Like?

Would you enjoy leading workshops or teaching parenting classes? Interested in facilitating parent education for families in crisis? Would you like to promote healthy parenting practices?

Parent education is delivered through multiple formats. Maybe you enjoy public speaking or teaching, and you’d like to lead classes or interactive workshops. Perhaps you’d like to write a book, author articles, or publish web copy on parenting topics. You may be a therapist who wishes to specialize in parenting best practices or helping parents through difficult times.

Hospitals, childcare facilities, preschools, churches, schools, media outlets, and a wide range of parent support service agencies (adoption, foster care, and custody-related agencies) hire parent education professionals to do the following:

  • Teach classes to satisfy court-ordered parent education
  • Facilitate workshops for adoptive or foster parents
  • Prepare new parents for the transition to parenthood
  • Guide parents through challenges related to child development
  • Educate parents of children with special needs, behavioral issues, or victims of trauma
  • Help parents learn how to teach life or study skills to children of all ages
  • Assist parents in fostering of good character and habits
  • Provide written parenting advice in the form of books, pamphlets, web copy, brochures, or articles
  • Contribute as a public speaker on shows, webinars, or video
  • Meet one-on-one with parents to provide guidance, advice, support, and accountability
  • Supervise, instruct, and manage parent educators
  • Develop coursework and instructional materials for parent educators

Not interested in working for an organization? Many parent educators work independently. The field of parent education offers a wide variety of job opportunities and environments.

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What Are the Most Common Parent Education Job Titles?

The following are job titles commonly held by graduates of our program:

  • Parent educator
  • Parent consultant
  • Parenting advisor
  • Parenting coach or parenting life coach
  • Parenting instructor
  • Parenting workshop leader
  • Parenting expert
  • Parenting public speaker
  • Parenting author

Interested in learning more about a specific job within the field of parent education? Learn more about working as a parent educator here.

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What Education is Required to Work in Parent Education?


It is expected that you have deep knowledge of early childhood development, family dynamics, foundational principles of interpersonal relationships, and social services. Most employers expect you to have an associate’s, baccalaureate, advanced degree, or certificate. A graduate degree or certificate in Youth, Family, and Community Sciences equips you with the skills and credentials necessary to succeed in this field.

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 Ready to Get Started?

You already know you want to help parents and children. Get the credentials you need to get hired.

Jumpstart your career in parent education with a master’s degree or certificate in Youth, Family, and Community Sciences from NC State. 
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