Youth Development

Helping the lives of youth and children… it’s what we do.

Do you enjoy working with young adults? Are you passionate about helping kids develop good character and life skills that will help them succeed? Consider a career in youth development.

What Does a Career in Youth Development Look Like?

Inspire teens and young adults to make good decisions, build essential life skills, and overcome adversity through activities, events, classes, and individual interactions.

Professionals working in youth development often do the following:

  • Research, create, teach, lead, and support programs aimed at improving the lives of young adults
  • Provide a safe and positive environment in which classes or activities are held
  • Teach classes and workshops
  • Lead activities
  • Facilitate support groups
  • Organize field trips and events
  • Maintain facilities
  • Write and present coursework, workbooks, or materials
  • Manage the daily operations of recreational or therapeutic facilities
  • Recruit, interview, hire, and train staff and volunteers
  • Promote youth programs through social media, public relations work, and networking
  • Fundraise or manage financial aspects of youth development programs
  • Collaborate with schools, religious institutions, government agencies, and community programs
  • Work with social workers and educators to provide youth support
  • Speak publicly and provide training

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What Are the Most Common Youth Development Job Titles?

The following are job titles commonly held by youth development professionals:

  • Youth development specialist
  • Youth development program coordinator
  • Youth development professional
  • Youth development counselor
  • Camp counselor
  • Camp director
  • Camp coordinator
  • Program manager
  • Program coordinator
  • Program director
  • Youth director
  • Activities director
  • Outreach director
  • Events director or coordinator

Interested in learning more about a specific job within the field of youth development? Learn more about working as a program manager here or a camp coordinator here.

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What Education is Required to Work in Youth Development?

You are expected to have deep knowledge of early childhood development, family dynamics, foundational principles of interpersonal relationships, therapeutic intervention techniques, and social services. Most employers require an associate’s, baccalaureate, advanced degree, or certificate. A graduate degree or certificate in Youth, Family, and Community Sciences equips you with the skills and credentials necessary to succeed in this field.

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Ready to Get Started?

You already know you want to work with youth. Get the credentials you need to get hired. Jumpstart your career in youth development with a master’s degree or certificate in Youth, Family, and Community Sciences from NC State. 
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